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One-Two-Three Icons

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hello, welcome to 123_icons. This is basically a community for icons you came across, saved, and want to share. There will be no credit given in this community. Please help us promote! We currently have a moderated membership, which means that once you click the button to join, we'll have to approve of you first. We accept everyone, and you'll be approved within one day or so after you've requested to join.



[1] Anyone who joins this community must know how to use an LJ-cut and post icons. AND PLEASE MAKE ALL POSTS FRIENDS ONLY. If they aren't friends only, they will be deleted.
[2] Never credit any icons posted in this community.
[3] If you make icons, you may post them. Even though this is not a rating community, if your icons suck, we don't want them.
[4] If you are posting your own icons, you will not get credit for them - and DO NOT ask for credit.
[5] Although you can post your own icons in this community, it's mostly for icons you came across, saved, and want to share.
[6] We do not take requests, and you cannot ask anyone to make an icon for you.
[7] You can, however, request a certain type of icon, but make it specific. (ex: finding nemo, happy bunny, humorous, clothing, etc.)
[8] When requesting a type of icon, please check the memories first to see if what you're looking for is already in there.
[9] You cannot promote in this community. If you have any questions about promotions, e-mail one of the mods.
[10] Anyone who tries to promote without permission will be banned automatically, and their promotion will be deleted.
[11] If you are posting icons that may be offensive, please include a warning before the LJ-cut.
[12] It's not a requirement, but please include the type of icons you are posting in your subject.
[13] If a maker sees their work posted in this community, contact one of the mods and we will remove it ASAP. Please be nice about it.
[14] If you break any of these rules, you will be warned once. If you do it again, you will be banned. (With the exception of promoting. In that case, you will be banned automatically without a warning. See rule #10.)


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____goodbyelove. &&. radical_x_radio.

If you need to contact us...

Lisa ;; leesluvsu723@hotmail.com
Sarah ;; x4xhappymealx6x@aol.com



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Lisa and Sarah are also mods of another community. Check it out, and join!

© 2005 123_icons @ LIVEJOURNAL.COM BY LISA & SARAH

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